The company was established in 1988 with the production of forms of marble replicas known as marble imitation. In 1992 we introduced the production of natural marble both local and imported as well as granite and sandstone.

In 1993 the company entered the private contracting market with its marble and granite production. we have contracted with numerous companies of both the public and private sectors. Among our prominent clients were Osman Ahmed Osman Contractors (Cairo branch).

we collaborated with Osman Ahmed Osman on many projects including but not limited to:

  • Faculty of mechanical Engineering Cairo University.
  • Student Activities Building Faculty of Engineering Cairo University.
  • Faulty of Dentistry Cairo University.
  • Faculty of Alson Al Azhar University.
  • National Security building Nasr City.
  • Abou El Reish Children’s Hospital Cairo University.
  • Film Academy Haram.
  • Building within ministry of Aviation Cairo Airport.

In collaboration with Hassan Allam Sons Co the company contracted for work compound including but not limited to: marble floors various mosaic types all counter-tops in restaurants receptions bathroom kitchens and interior marble décor including chimney face.

In 2005 the company introduced many new products to accommodate the rapidly developing world of stone production in delivery and/or installation.
Examples of new product lines include:

In 2010 ZAHRAN has supplied marble mosaic carpets to Cataract Hotel in Aswan
in 2011 we produced for work El Safwa Hotel in New Cairo.With a highly talented ambitious and determined team Zahran Marble Works Aims to deliver exclusive products services of superior quality.

What We Do:

Examples of new product lines include:

– Mosaics in all shapes and sizes

      • Rockface
      • Tumbled
      • Chiseled
      • Bush hammered
      • Antique
      • Flamed
      • Polished
      • Sandblasted

– Onyx based Mosaic in all shapes and sizes
Décor and Landscaping including designs delivery and installation With merging of material